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Published: 11th February 2010
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If you're a new comer to the Sparring Gear planet or would like to learn more about the countless alternativeative we're confronted with when buying sparring gear...

I've produced a e-Learning training course to help information you in your sparring gear search.I've been practicing differing types of martial arts for over 25 years and I'm also a Taekwondo School Owner in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Terminology and Required Equipment

These might be a few phrases you've heard tossed around or may encounter:

WTF: World Taekwondo Federation

Instep: The top part of the foot, just below the ankle, where a lot of kicks tend to be absorbed.

Hogu: Korean for Chest Protector, aka Trunk

Clash Shins: When two people throw a kick at the same time, clashing shins, in effect- blocking the strike.

Round House: Typically the most popular kick. It begin by lifting bent knee in the direction of target, turning hip and at the same time extending your bent knee, striking with instep.

Kukkiwon: the governing body in Korea that keeps track of all Taekwondo Blackbelts.

Karate, Style: A Japanese word which means empty hand and describes a karate student's power to provide a defense with out the use of weapons. Karate originate in Japan. There are several styles of Karate- Ryukue, Kenpo, Kempo... In my experience- Karate concentrate more on hand strikes and pressure points

Taekwondo: Korean Tae (hand) Kwon (foot) Do (way). The Way of the Hand and Foot. There are also many styles of Taekwondo. Taekwondo is known for its kicking

Equipment for Taekwondo Sparring:

The World Taekwondo Federation demands the following equipment to be competitive in WTF sanctioned events:

World Taekwondo Federation Competition Rules

Contestant Uniform and Protective Equipment

1) The contestant shall wear the trunk protector, head protector, groin guard, forearm guards, shin guards, gloves and a mouthpiece before entering the contest area.

2) The groin guard, forearm guards and shin guards shall be worn beneath the Taekwondo uniform. The contestant shall bring this WTF-approved protective equipment, as well as gloves and the mouthpiece, for his/her personal use. Wearing any item on the head other than the head protector shall not be permitted.


If you have visited Martial Arts Supplies Sites, you may have seen the amazing choices when shopping for Sparring Gear.

Choices & The way to cut through the clutter

You might believe optimum protection is the only factor when searching for sparring gear. People risking injury for the sport or martial art discipline they love. Our need to compete and win could be affected by the ability to safeguard ourselves.

When it comes to Personal Safety, Why are there numerous choices... Everything relies on the ability for merchants to supply charges to suit anyone's budget. Before you start to cut back price, so too- do you lessen Safety Level.

You'll find essentially 3 kinds, or levels of safety:

Cloth, also referred to as "Sock-type" gear. This gear provides the lowest amount of protection. You can buy Shin, Instep, Hand, Elbow and Forearm Cloth Gear.

Cloth gear is made of low-quality foam that's sewn into a sock-like flexible cloth. The cloth is actually expandable. It is challenging to get it on as well as harder to get it off, when wet!

Foam type gear, I believe you will get almost every piece (head, hands, feet, chest, shins, Not Groin) Wouldn't want a foam dipped groin protector...

The safety levels is better plus they usually are less difficult to get on and off. The challenge with these is always that they react like a ball- when you make contact- there is a rebound, rather then absorbing the power in the strike.

The 3rd amount of protection is Composite Gear. This kind of gear offers by far the most protection. Should you be not familiar with Kevlar, the material they help to make bullet proof vests and helmets with- like Kevlar, Top quality gear consist of many layers of very dense composite materials.

Like Anything else in Life- You Get What You Pay For

Since we've flattened the playing field and broken the overwhelming options down to 3 standard forms of gear, at this point we could discover what to consider in quality gear.

The way to Spot Poor Quality Gear

My good friend, Master Robert Caullette of Caullett's Academy in Royal Palm Beach, says it best.

Master Caullett is sparring competitively, nearly all his life. He's right now among world's most respectable competitive sparring coaches. Master Caullett tells us in his own words:

"What to Look for When Shopping for Sparring Gear"

Link to Video

We will close things out with a few areas to consider while searching for high quality sparring gear.

Recommendations and Helpful Tips

Purchasing Good quality Gear will save you a lot of headaches:

If you decide to compete, you'll have no difficulty with the tournament's regulating body. Almost all states possess their particular State-level "WTF", here it's the Florida Taekwondo Federation. These types of governing Bodies won't question anything that's WTF Certified.

Save time and Problems returning sub-standard gear. I do not know how often a new student showed-up at sparring with cloth gear. "Sorry. You should have checked with us first- that gear is hazardous and can not be worn here... We don't permit equipment that doesn't protect a student in our school.

Shop with trust. In the event you purchase the right style (Taekwondo, Karate, etc.) and it is certified through the world regulating body- you can't make a mistake.

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And Just remember, You or Your Child will be safeguarded! I recently published this small post on my web log:

Top 3 Reasons to purchase High quality Sparring Gear

March 25th, 2009

Reason #1 Safty

If you think about it... the key reason why many of us purchase sparring gear should be to guard our body. I don't know about you, but whenever I get struck I want to lessen the pain as much as you are able.

When you buy equipment for an individual


Somebody purchases it for you typically Selling price is the thing which is thought about!

We will leave #1 at that...

Reason #2 Endurance

High quality gear lasts many, many, many times longer. And along with the extra lifespan- the equipment's ability to safeguard won't break down. I admit I've bought crappy gear in the past- but I had to replace it- when I did, it was with top quality gear. Gear that I have to this day- in excellent condition. Learn from my mistake.

Reason #3 It's Simpler to get On and off

Whether the gear is perfect for you or your child, keep in mind trying to put the sock-type gear on? The tugging? And your Master yelling at you to get your butt in gear (no word play here intended)... What about trying to get it off once it got all sweaty... Ugh!

Good quality gear goes on problem-free and comes off even a lot quicker.

I hope You've discovered some valuable lessons regarding sparring gear. Shoot me an e-mail if you wish.

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